Starting Task Warrior

March 28, 2018    shell taskwarrior shell task-warrior

I’ve recently started using Task Warrior, a command line application that helps to track and manage your todo list.

With simple commands like task ls, task add Task Name Here, and task 10 done, you can list, add, and complete tasks in your task list, but the application is built with flexibility in mind. There’s an optional backend server which serves an api that the cli and 3rd party applications can utilize, allowing cross platform task syncing across machines and devices.

That being said, I don’t run a a server for my Task Warrior, mainly because I use a single work station and keep my work todos there. To improve the flow I have with using task warrior, I’ve installed an Oh-My-Zsh plugin which helps with tab completion and some basic aliases.

Installation will vary based on your setup, but on OSX it was as simple as calling brew: brew install task and then adding a line to my Oh-My-Zsh plugins list:


Once completed, restarting my shell was all I needed to do to get started.

Give Task Warrior a try and get used to spending a little more time in your command line and a little less time waiting for web pages and applications to load.

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