Hosting Version 99 Does Not Exist

March 19, 2023    java maven


I’m now hosting my own version99.

Version 99 Does Not Exist originated from this blog post but there are some issues with the original site. It does not support head requests which modern versions of maven can make. It also doesn’t have https hosting from it’s creator which modern versions of maven really try to enforce. The pom files it would generate wouldn’t correctly rename group id url paths to group id package paths. Finally a small issue is that the landing page it would generate didn’t support relative links to the current host.

I corrected all of those issues and published a version to my as a docker container for quick deployments. The quickest way to run version 99 is to run my docker image:

docker run -p 8080:8080

We’ll see if upstream accepts my prs and if they put the original version 99 behind a secure connection.


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